31 Dec

Florida Communities

Florida communityFlorida communities are vibrant places with a lot to offer. Florida has a unique collective community. Tourists in Florida, which there are a lot of, tend to only see what Florida offers to tourists, but Florida natives know that Florida communities have their own culture and march to their own beat. Different regions of Florida inhabit different cultures and types of community that reflect the collective mindset of the region.

For the beach communities of Florida’s exterior, life is lived in the fast lane. The communities near the beaches of Florida are¬†where the wealthiest Florida residents reside. Beach front properties are frequently valued in the multi-millions, sometimes even in the hundred millions. Celebrities and high profile individuals commonly invest in properties near the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico on Florida’s coast. Communities like South Beach display the wealth that the tourism of Florida has attracted, and also celebrate the living large, party lifestyle that comes along with it. These Florida communities are very life loving crowds.

In the interior of Florida is where a more normal pace of life takes place. When you move away from the more tourist populated areas into communities in the interior, you will find regular, hard working people who love their state and love the communities they belong to. The residential communities in moderately sized cities like Lakeland, Florida demonstrate the United States at its best, where communities of people come together, raise families, support one another and protect one another.

Floridians pride themselves on their sense of community and unity. When hurricanes batter the Florida coastline or when tourists overrun the destination areas of Florida and consume everything in their wake, the residents of Florida pull together to weather out storms. With a stable economy, supreme natural beauty and an excellent sense of togetherness, it is no wonder that Florida attracts the best kinds of people to its communities.