28 May


Basically, addiction is a chronic illness, which has the capacity to remain with an individual, and eventually result in the death of the addict. Addiction is prevalent in every country, with drug and alcohol addiction being the major types of addiction plaguing individuals.

In Florida, the rate of addiction is high. However, there are addiction treatment centres which help in combatting all forms of addiction.

Based on studies in Florida, one fact about addiction remains that, it can be prevented when screening and early detection is done. For a good number of years, there have been studies on what exactly makes people to come up with addiction, while others do not get addicted at all.

Addictive substances have a common trait. On a general basis, they cause a neurological response which triggers the reward system of the brain, thus making the addicted person to always want more.

There is no known root cause of addiction, however, it has been discovered that, the integration of some factors could increase the risk of someone being addicted.

Some of these factors include: Unlimited access to addictive behaviours, history of addiction in the family, a stressful life, psychological nature amongst others. In Florida, as regards the prevention of addiction, there are some factors which cannot simply change. First off, someone whose family has an history of addiction, would find it very difficult to break free.

In order to prevent addiction from gaining full ground in Florida, some measures must be put in place to avoid it. Addicted individuals should ensure that they undergo counselling, so that their mental health would get better.

They should also sign-up for various support groups, and read books which would help them get better. In addition, they should also see a therapist, which would properly follow them up.

Some addicts have the problem of opening up to a therapist because they feel ashamed. It is advised that they overlook the feeling of shame, and lay bare all what is affecting them, to the therapist, so that the therapist would know how to specifically give the appropriate treatment pattern.